PhenQ Slimming Pills and Impotency

All diet pills are known to cause undesirable effects to varying degrees. The effects observed generally depend on each individual and the type of pill taken. Most people who are fighting excess weight are using PhenQ fat burner. This slimming pill has already been seen to be the most effective when compared to others in the market.

Fewer and less severe side effects have also been observed by users of this pill. Of the side effects that are associated with PhenQ, sexual effects are not mentioned. However, this magic pill is known to reduce weight by suppressing the appetite of the user. This property therefore raises the debate of whether the popular pills have any sexual side effects.


Most diet pills that work by suppressing the appetite stimulate the nervous system. The way to trick the body so as not to eat more food must include the nervous system. Exciting the system leads to constriction of the blood vessels.(resource)

This constriction is one of the leading causes of sexual problems in men. If the practice is continued for a longer period, impotency may result. Decreased libido may be the most notable feature that may occur in the short term.

Since PhenQ has appetite suppression capabilities among other properties, its users are therefore exposed to the risk of sexual side effects. Considering that excess weight is another factor that increases sexual disorders, the pills might make a bad situation to be worse. Male impotancy can be reversed with this supplement called MaleExtra

Users that are already experiencing some sexual problems should certainly avoid these pills. Alternative methods for fighting excess weight should be employed. These consist of the combination of a proper diet and physical exercises. These two are quite slow but with patience and dedication, the results are very good. The methods are also free of side effects.